Applying a Vinyl Decal

For best results when placing a vinyl sticker:

  • Clean the surface with rubbing alcohol and allow it to dry completely
  • Do not apply to an outdoor when it is windy, to avoid the decal twisting and sticking to itself and ruining the decal
  • Plan/visualize where you wish to place your decal, remember you only have one chance to place the vinyl
  • Remove the transfer take from the top of the decal, ensuring that it is lifting the decal correctly
    • If the decal is not lifting properly, lay the section of transfer tape back down gently and rub it on the decal to get it to stick again
    • Try removing the transfer tape from the top down, as it often produces better results
  • Place the decal on the clean surface. Do not yet remove the transfer tape. Rub the decal firmly (you may use a credit card or other such card to do this)
    • To avoid bubbles, start by placing only one side/edge of the decal on the surface and slowly rolling the rest of the decal on
  • Peel back the transfer tape slowly, making sure that the decal remains on the surface
    • If the decal is not sticking to the surface, place it back down onto the surface and rub it again with more pressure


Vehicle Placement Note:

The vinyl stickers are permanent on most surfaces, but can still be removed from a car window if need be. Avoid placing the vinyl on the body of a car, as it may lift paint if it is removed later. 


For more support, watch the following video (or search for "apply vinyl decal to glass" for more results):